Maximus Totalus

A righteous paladin and his scheemy brother Tempus


Maximus Have brown hair and currently is trying to grow a great bushy beard. ha want to look like his Master. He often lets his hair hang loose.
his eyes have the color of mournful wet soil, and he carries his trusty sword and shield with, if he can.
His armor used to be quite shiny, now after a long time at sea, it has rust on some edges, but is otherwise good.


Maximus is the older brother of Tempus, but because Maximus spent most of his childhood learning to be a Lux Bellator. So Tempus got to interact more with the world and seems to know what to do in most situations. So Tempus often guides Maximus.

When he heard that Tempus were going to the Colonies Maximmus knew he had to join. He could not let his little brother get in to trouble and not be there to help him.

Maximus is a proud Avalon, but not directly a nationalist. He belives that Erastil’s law comes before the law of Avalon.

Right now his goal is to protect his little brother from as much as he can.

Maximus Totalus

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