Character Creation and Advancement

Creating Your Character

  • 15 point-buy using the standard values for Pathfinder (Pg. 16 Core Rulebook)
  • Maximum HP at 1st level
  • Select one Drawback

Advancing Your Character

  • Use the “Medium” experience table
  • If starting with an advanced character, use standard gold for a character of your level; however, no single item may be over 33% of your total worth.

Character Death & Replacement

  • In the unfortunate event of character death, you will create a new character at the average group level or the previous character’s level, which ever is lower.
  • Voluntary character retirement is highly frowned upon and will therefor be accessed an experience penalty. The new character will start one level below average party level or one level below the previous character’s level, which ever is lower.
  • Note that attempts to kill your character on purpose to avoid the retirement penalty will not grant any reprieve. If the GM deems the death intentonal then the same rules as retirement apply.

Character Creation and Advancement

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