Curse of the New World

A New World

The Group of 7 people finally get back on solid ground after 3 months on the open sea. They have traveled from the Empire to The New World for various reasons. Before they start doing anything they all agree they need to get a hold of some gold as they’re all nearly broke after spending most of their money on the trip over seas.

After having their first real meal in some time they look around town for people in need that is willing to pay for the party’s services. They find a person that is willing to pay for the head of an Owlbear and someone that needs to know where the home of some goblin raiders is located.

The Group head out the next morning, ready for new adventures. After walking for 4 hours they realize that they actually have no idea on how to track goblins. Luckily they come across a ranch were an old man points them out in the direction of an abandoned goblin camp. Seeing it as their best lead they head that way in hopes of finding clues.

A couple of hours walking later, they hear some loud humming and stops to find out what’s going on. They find out that the sound comes from an Ogre and consult on what they should do with it. While consulting though, the huge creature sneaks up on the group and charges into combat. After a half minute of fighting the Ogre goes down and the group suffered no other loss than an incapacitated Tempus.

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