Xorius Glatvin

"Rabid bears, easy. A pack of wolves? Bring'em on. Dragon? WHY ARE YOU NOT RUNNING?!"


Xorius is a fairly tall human, standing 6’8 feet tall. A slightly tanned skin with short dark hair.
He got deep blue eyes and a light stubble, he has no scars on his body. He favors armor with fur or leather. His weapon of choice is a double edged sword and the longbow.


Born in the city of Deria back in Avalon, there his parents are both professional bounty hunters, he learned most of his skills from his parents. Ever since his youth he got sweet on a girl, Sielna from his neighborhood and have over the years attempted to court her several times over, they used to be the best of friends and at the age of 7 they promised each other they would marry when they both turned 25 summers. As a sign to prove their love for each other, they would hold out until then. While growing up the both of them “dated” by going out in secret at night into the forest to look at the moon and enjoy the animals. His skills came often in use to find them safe places. It was also this way he found out he had a affinity for animals as he seemed to be able to calm them down by keeping eyecontact, this way he would sometimes “feel” what the animal was feeling at the moment and could therefore find a way to appease it. As he started to grow older, roughly 16 winters he decided it was time he should go into the New World and find the perfect place to settle down with Sielna. Now he is looking for a perfect place to settle down with his beloved for when they both finally turn 25 summers.

Xorius Glatvin

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